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I am teaching UK/US students online for 5 Years.I hope you will find me best as a Quran Teacher.

"I was just 14 years old when I was first introduced to Quran class.That class recovers all my worries.My every ambiguity and questions were answered through Quran. We are so depressed, worried so Why not to hold the Quran?
We are expert in our various fields but blessed is the one who is expert in this worldly life and Quran also."
Sidra jabbar

Quran is light in our lives

Why we are living so rough lives? This Holy Quran is changing many of the lives. O Allah I wish I could describe the warmth You give me, to make them understand Why I have turn towards you 


Why quran is neceassary to run a beautiful life?

Nothing will ever be sufficient to explain. My eyes were tired and my heart cold. Whenever I listen to your words in my hands I’m fighting off tears. The tears streamed from my eyes onto my Quran and the pages gratefully soaked. Quran is necessary for everybody who wants a peaceful life.

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Is quran easy to learn?


Just do struggle and pray a lot.Oh Al- RAHMAN Only you can turn the hearts to Quran and you. Nothing can be difficult if you are committed.


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How to spend life Qur'an accordingly?

Learn Tajweed

How to pronounce the words of Quran are very important. This is the basic knowledge. Everyone must know how to read the Quran with Tajweed.

Hifz section

Hifz is the blessings of Allah Subhanahu Watalla. Hifz is very hard working tasks.

Learn to put Quran in your life

In this section you will learn how the Quran can help you in your real life. Many of the real stories of those whose lives changed just because of Quran will be shared to you for your inspiration..

Learn Qur'ani Qaida

Qurani Qaida is the basic book for tajweed Rules. It will help you in the basics. If you are expert in this book then you and your kids can be expert of the Quran.

Learn Translation

Translation is the basic knowledge to know what Allah Subhanahu Watalla wants us to do.

Learn Tafsir

Tafsir is the explanation actually. Through tafsir you can know how to spend life exactly to Allah Subhanahu Watall Requirements.

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If you want something in your life,you have to struggle. Similarly if you want Quran your life, you have to learn. You must give your quality time to learn the Quran.  Spend money, time and your efforts whatever you have.

How arrogant are the people to deny your existence, when there is proof of it everywhere? Everything around us submits to you, from the atoms to the mountains.

Everything acknowledges You!

“Make Quran Your Life”

Sidra jabbar